om numb numb numb.

I’ve haven’t been eating very well all week. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just don’t want to be in a kitchen. I’ve practically turned into a vegetarian.

Some friends invited me on a camping trip to Maine. I said no thanks. A lady invited me over to her place. I declined. Apparently I’m not getting enough of whatever vitamin it is that protects against lameness.

I once had a nutritionist friend who could tell you what your body was actually crying out for whenever you were craving certain foods. Last night I got a craving for a stir-fried onion. So I cut up an onion and fried it in the frying pan. I wonder what that means?

I could hear my father’s voice in my ears: “That’s not really all that much of a meal.” So I chopped up a jalapeno pepper and threw that in as well. Sweet baby jesus! Are you trying to kill me, dad?

Anyway, that was my supper.

One thought on “om numb numb numb.

  1. In Ayurveda onions are tamasic. Tamas gives us the desire to stop, slow down, and rest. A diet with excess tamasic foods turn us into a couch potato at best, and increase inner darkness, confusion and depression at worst.

    Craving tamasic foods may mean you are in a tamasic state or that you are trying to balance its opposite…like you are trying to calm a rajasic state.

    But in any case, lay off the onions and get with the lady then write about it on hotaction.

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