i ate some good food today and saw some good friends. but the exuberance of the weekend is starting to give way. i haven’t slept in days.

it’s not hard finding places to stay. the hard part is having someplace to hang out in the daytime. with no home base to post up in, i spent the day dragging myself through the heat of the halifax streets.

dozed off at the corner of almon and agricola, dozed off on the wall at pizza corner, dozed off in the air-conditioned park lane food court trying to cool down.

now my car’s fucked up and i might be stuck here for another couple days dealing with who knows what expense. it’s the exhaust, it sounds terrible and i can’t really drive on it.

anyway, right now i’m going to head down to reflections and play rockin for dollars and try to bring the party and squeeze some fun out of it.

i just dozed off at the wheel of my car parked in front of robin’s old apartment. that’s not good; none of that is good. i need to get out of here.

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