I’ve been playing with Google’s

I’ve been playing with Google’s translation feature and having lots of fun with it. I took a recent hot action post and translated it from English to Portuguese and back to English. Here is how it wound up:

In all the case, hi. He is 6:30 in the morning. I am in the studio, walking only all the way I stop backwards of the south extremity. A pretty session steamy of makeout to the side of, I only start done we do not know, church or a school or something, what it wants that was… it was in the south extremity of the nothing of the god. It swims, was cute. It swims. It had the fine chests.

Or English to French and back to English:
Just before it embraced me for the always good night and goodbye: “I then not to believe that you waited until 3:30 speaking to me.” “but you did not make the contact of the eye.” Its jaw was dropped. “what! These types ran up against me and I looked at you completely tastes, ‘ please come and to pretend you know that I with me does not have to thus speak to them.’ “silently, I thought of the manner of which we were not on our way to have the sex. And how if the weather were really hot, it would have returned after me to the bar. “you are not too fast on the hook,” it indicated.