Performances by A/V and Spinoza

Performances by A/V and Spinoza will air tonight on Zed. The programme will broadcast at 11:20PM, right across Canada on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

I’m going to miss it because I’m playing the Marquee. Unfortunately, we don’t have a working VCR at our house either. If anyone could record Zed tonight for me, that would be great.

I suppose I could phone up my parents in Saint John and ask them to tape it. But I don’t want them to know I’m a musician.

I’m really excited about tonight’s show at the Marquee. It’s the tribute to Joe Strummer and The Clash that I’ve spent the past couple weeks organizing. Revolver will be playing, Peter Arsenault, Yellow Jacket Avenger, members of the New Breed… I’m going to be doing two sets. A/V is going to throw down and then I’m going to perform in a rock band with Allison Outhit, Selwyn Sharples and Ben from Revolver. We jammed Wednesday night and had a blast. You haven’t seen Allison rock like this since her days in Rebecca West. It was great to play with Selwyn again too.

God I need this. I’m in the middle of working fifteen days in a row. In fact, I’ll be doing sound for Jazz Night in Hell’s Kitchen tonight, and then running upstairs to perform.

This show will mark the first time in five years that I’ve played electric guitar on the Marquee stage. I’m so hungry for rock, I might as well just put ketchup on my guitar and eat it.

Ha, gitalong gitalong.

2 thoughts on “Performances by A/V and Spinoza

  1. So on 23 Mar 2004 I went to the XED website archives and called up the 23 Jan 2003 episode. I found it but (rats!!!) your video was … ‘UNAVAILABLE” the other performers vid was there but I left. I wasn’t interested. I’m only intersted in seeing you.

    Sux to be me

  2. That’s what I get for not previewing my post. “XED” instead of “ZED”. But life is too short to be so worried about this kinda stuff.

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