So rumour has that tomorrow

So rumour has that tomorrow night they will be showing Fritz Lang’s M (1931) starring Peter Lorre.

Peter Lorre, Peter Lorre
Runs a nightclub way downtown
Peter Lorre, Peter Lorre
Always wears a evil frown
Don’t spit on his shoes Or mess up his hair
Or he will shoot you dead And go back upstairs

(Download the mp3 from the Jazz Butcher‘s site. I’m a longtime fan.)

This movie is by Fritz Lang. Fritz Lang!!!

Where can I find a monocle in time for the screening? I suppose I’m just going to have to make one out of a small yogurt lid.

The monocle. It’s time we brought back the monocle. It’s true, you can use them to see with. But the real function of the monocle is that it allows you to say “WHAAAAT!” and make a surprised face, thus allowing the monocle to drop straight out of your eye for a comic physical punctuation.

The reason this is so successful is that the path of the descending monocle forms the straight line of an exclamation mark, of which the monocle itself is the point.

[cue: naked lady walking into the room]