St. John’s Newfoundland

I have had some tiny amount of sleep since my previous post, sufficient to reactivate the punctuation centre of my brain.

This afternoon I woke up in the early afternoon in St. John’s, Newfoundland to the sound of the Harbour Symphony. Orchestrated music for the horns of ships in the harbour. Pointed my video camera out the window of this apartment and hit ‘record’ just to capture some of the audio. I’ve heard about this phenomenon and can scarcely believe my good fortune and timing at being able to experience it. One of many many highlights.

We also drove past a sign advertising the “Dildo Bed & Breakfast.” Apparently Dildo, Newfoundland can boast of having the most-frequently-stolen highway signage of anywhere on the continent.

Last night I stood on the oldest street in North America. I saw rap star Frankie Deluxe shuffling by in the late night. “Hey is that Frankie Deluxe!”

Remember the track those guys did, “How can you rap in a burlap sack on the bottom of the ocean when the sharks attack.” That shit was dope.

Last night’s show was so good, fifty feet of mic cable took me from the PA system of The Spur all the way out onto the sidewalk of that oldest street. Tonight will be the culmination of it all, live at The Basement–wound up at that place for a late night afterparty last night (my god, we caught the last two songs of a band at The Ship, the dance party was in crazy effect there, kids going off all over the place, it felt like Gus’s Pub times 50, what a scene). I ran into Craig Francis Power at The Ship, a most excellent fellow, everybody in Halifax say hello, he’s been thinking of you.

Every telephone pole in this place has 900 posters for all the bands that are playing. Wax said the city feels like it combines all the history and humanity of Saint John, New Brunswick with all the culture of a mini-Montreal. It’s true.

So many images and memories from the last couple nights are flooding my brain all fast and furious, I’m exhausted but happy and we need to get a bite to eat. I shall now sign off from borrowed internet to say “Come to Newfoundland.”

3 thoughts on “St. John’s Newfoundland

  1. Hey Guy,

    I amazingly caught your show at The Spur in good ol’ Sin John’s. Im not sure if you can remember but my 2 friends and I showed up almost at the end of your set. It appeared most people were dancing up against the bar …tho i know there isnt much space to dance at the Spur …I got my dance on!!! Your music is GREAT!!! Its not often i hear it in downtown, you made my night!!! I’ll be stopping by Freds music store soon to buy a piece of you… :-p I’ll be checking out the site so next time your in town i’ll be prepared and get there at the beginning of the show rather than then end.
    And I thank Wax Mannequin for the flowers

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