blast off

It’s 7am and I’m just about to leave Montreal. There’s a radio interview scheduled in Fredericton between 5:30 and 7pm Atlantic Time on the Fredericton campus radio station and I aim to be there.

The Action City graffiti from where I usually park on Rue Clark has been painted over.

Has this city lost a bit of its lustre for me? The weekend was still a great time and yet there were a few ways in which this visit was just slightly off. It’s good in the sense that Montreal has been a place I was considering moving to–now I know that won’t be happening.

The big city has an awful lot of stuff but most of it I do not need.

Millions of people for example. Don’t need those.

Shows this week:
Wednesday July 19 @ Elwood’s in Saint John opening for Holy Fuck
Thursday July 20 @ The Capital in Fredericton with The Trick

Look at how awesome this poster is:

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  1. I’m in an internetless hole at the moment and can’t watch any videos. Well, I can, but they download at probably about the rate you get in your neck of the woods. Torture.

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