I can remember when this couch was home to such proceedings
I would advance a twist that differed from the plot you're reading
You sigh and wave your hand, your eyes don't even leave the paper
I'm looking forward to another week of "maybe later"

The night I decided I should take the chances I'd been given
You wanted me to feel how sweet it was to be forgiven
All that you needed was a chance to pull yourself together
Return to the bedroom just to show me what I'd lost forever

Watching the sunrise--I lie awake alone beside you
Waking up slowly--you never were a morning person
Into the daylight--the work you do is so important
After the night falls--it's always too late

We stood at the entrance to the park and watched the lights revolving
You poked my shoulder and said some things you can never change
I thought of risking everything to save an awkward moment
But I knew you too well not to turn around and walk away
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