I’m doing an electronic set

I’m doing an electronic set at the Marquee tonight as the “Discotronic Force.” Yeah house music. My set starts around midnight.

Still have some work to do to get ready. Last night at 8PM I said to myself, “Right, I’m a serious musician and I’m going to spend the next eight hours working on my set. It’ll be just like working an eight hour job. I’ll finish it off by 4AM and then I’ll get some sleep.”

Then the phone rang: “Hi Philip, wanna come over for a drink?”

“Ahhh… sure!”

Thinking I would drop in on my way to the studio. But I never made it to the studio. I remember I wound up dressed in drag at one point, on my way to being naked, and at the magic hour of 4AM I was stumbling out onto the sidewalk thinking “Yeah right I’m a serious musician.”

I console myself with the belief that many serious musicians would also opt for hot action over actually writing music. Music and sex are closely related. However, since it is not technically feasible for me to get naked at the club tonight, I’ve got an awful lot of beats to slam together this afternoon.

So I’m still not sure what’s going to happen this evening. However, I remain secure in the knowledge that whatever I do will be, as they say, “dope.”

Rugga rugga rugga. I’m sleepy.