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peter higgs

“You’re not supposed to be in here, old man.”
“What did you just say to me?”
“I said you’re not supposed to be in here. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”
“You have no idea who I am, do you?”
“No, old man. No idea.”
“Did you see that sign on the door… the one that says ‘Higgs Boson Particle Generator’?”
“Well, I’m fuckin’ Higgs.”
“Whoa… OK, sorry sir. I didn’t know.”
“Get back to work, soldier.”
“Yes sir.”

season of the ghost

“I see men as trees, walking.”
-Mark 8:24

Where do ghosts go in the daytime? Up the path. Through the woods to the sunlit clearing, strewn with abandoned appliances, rusted car parts, burnt-out bonfires.

Eavesdrop on the birds in a place of perfect camouflage. They fly right past my head. I have yet to decipher their language. But there’s no hurry.

In late afternoon the wind picks up. The orange glow of the sun slides along the side of the strip-mine mountain.

Over across the river the bushes part, a secret path, silent creatures. The forest animals look in my direction but cannot see anything.

Deer-shapes frozen in wood.

the bourne kerfuffle

OK, two things. First of all, go check out my homies at the newly-relaunched Wreck And Salvage, or get a dog up in ya. Second of all: new Jason Bourne movie, coming in 2010.

The Jason Bourne trilogy is like my Star Wars. I burn these movies onto DVDs and leave the labels blank and just leave the discs lying in different places around the house, so that if I need to burn something I’ll pop a DVD into my iBook thinking it’s blank and poof, the movie is set to start playing automatically from wherever it left off and I’m immediately sucked back into this whole world of intrigue and excitement.

I have a Glock stashed under the cushions of my love seat and a Sig Sauer 9mm hidden in the freezer along with several passports and a fortune in foreign currency.

The prospect of a new movie has me pretty stoked. I wonder what it will be about. In Bourne Ultimatum it was hinted that Jason and Nicky might have had some kind of romantic past. How many of you really want to see Matt Damon getting it on with Julia Stiles? That’s why I was excited to read that the new one might be set in the period immediately following The Bourne Identity. That would mean the return of Franka Potente as Marie in a true sequel to the greatest love story ever told: The Bourne Identity.

Franka, one day you will be my beautiful bride and we will live together in perpetual bliss and I will put many many babies inside you.

franka potente

The character of Marie was Canadian in the original Bourne novels. I think the fourth Bourne movie should take place in Montreal so Jason can run around in the Underground City and have a shootout in the lipstick forest.

lipstick forest

I read somewhere that the new movie might be called “The Bourne Legacy.” The gang over on the Giraffecycle forum have a few more suggestions.