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DJ Horse Head.

More shenanigans at Club 아이. Last night I played a DJ set, and then DJ Smoking Jack and I proceeded to feed each other shot after shot of tequila (that’s Jack in the baseball cap).

When the video screen announced “Next DJ, DJ Horse Head,” I could hardly believe someone could come up with such an awesome DJ name. I was even more surprised when he walked out wearing an actual horse’s head. My astonishment was complete when he managed to rock the scene in that getup.

Ladies. Could you imagine if you had a baby with DJ Horse Head?

flip flop


The Dol hareubang or “Stone Grandfather” is the mascot of Jeju Island. These statues are carved out of the black volcanic rock of Jeju in a wide range of sizes.


These benevolent-looking dudes can turn up anywhere, but you usually see them on either side of a bridge, or in pairs by a gateway, or any place where you’ve got some shit that needs guarded. They are also held to be fertility symbols; rubbing the nose of one of the statues is said to increase a woman’s chances of conception. I would almost think there might be something to this myth, considering this island is crawling with pregnant women.

please eat me

Seafood restaurants in Jeju advertise their wares in big tanks out on the sidewalk.

Squid and octopi and flat fish and giant crabs and mutant creatures from deep beneath the Asian water.

If you saw me swimming around in one of those tanks, would you pick me out and put me on your plate?