Monthly Archives: February 2002

Spent twelve hours in the

Spent twelve hours in the studio today. I’ve got a G4 computer and a bottle of twelve-year-old scotch. Haven’t cracked the bottle yet. Staring that fucker down. Computer’s been working overtime though.

I’ve been editing the new Spinoza video for “Severed Head.” It should wind up on Pirate Video within a day or two. Spinoza plays tomorrow at the Khyber Club with Kitchens & Bathrooms.

Friday night at the TKO in North End Halifax, Rotator will be doing some interstitial music between the bands (JokesOver, Slight Return, North Of America). And then on Saturday A/V is going to play downtown at the Cafe Mokka. This, I reckon, will be the last time I get to play this beloved Halifax venue, as it is going under new management and will apparently cease to function as a music venue within two weeks. It’s a shame. One of the best-sounding rooms in Halifax, and the home of a lot of good memories.

Halifax has a new mystery

Halifax has a new mystery celebrity in the form of the Sauna Stalker. Coast Weekly has a regular feature called Sauna Talk, based on interviews and photos that take place in their in-office sauna. So the Sauna Stalker has been weighing in via personal ads and whatnot with his opinions of the physiques of the various interviewees. I find it quite funny.

A couple of people have suggested that I myself am the Sauna Stalker. No. That would be weird.

Hey Sauna Stalker… a friend of mine says he knows who you are. When are you going to do your own interview in the sauna? You could appear with a towel over your head… in a Speedo… c’mon, let us check out the goods.

Here’s a picture, now it’s your turn.

All I can think about

All I can think about is food. When you’ve been working all day in the studio on Gottingen Street, what are your options? Cross the street to Metro Garden for the chicken ball special, or wander a block up Cornwallis Street to Pizza Factory, land of the biggest slices in the world. I’ve eaten enough of those in the last year.

A couple doors down from the studio is Bob & Lori’s Food Emporium for organic delights. They were kind enough to give me a three-day old loaf of bread for free. So I’m tearing off fistfuls of bread and stuffing them in my mouth. Washing it all down with milk from a 2-litre carton that I bought at the Gottingen Street General Store. I am hungry hungry hungry.