Monthly Archives: August 2005

“Let’s pretend you have one leg for the rest of the weekend. And you’re blind. Oh I’m glad I invited my friend John here for the weekend. Pretend you have one leg and you’re blind and you’re in excruciating pain.”

My friend John came out to the country to visit for a few days. He showed up at my house with a ProTools rig and sixty bucks worth of meat. We’ve been swimming a lot. I apologize to you if you came to my house and we didn’t go swimming in the river. My river’s awesome.

For a hermit I’ve been awfully sociable lately. I’ve probably only been all alone a day or two out of the past few weeks. ‘Sallright.

John bought us cans of this stuff called Full Throttle, an energy drink. I don’t normally partake of such things so we fired up the DV camera and made this video of me going full throttle in more ways than one.
[16MB QuickTime]

Music by Spinoza.

Friday Dialup Challenge

I posted on the Yahoo Videoblogging Group with the idea of having a Friday Dialup Challenge, which involves getting as many people as possible to post very short vlog entries that are suitable for consumption over a 56K modem.

Raymond created a graphic for it:

My entry is entitled “Frankie Vs. The Ninja” and it weighs in at 165K.

I made this using a device called Rhizome by Adrian Miles. It allows you to present two videos in an interactive splitscreen mode. This may not work in all browsers.

For more information on Rhizome, check out the Read Me file.

back in black

The Chipman Forest Avenue School is about an hour’s walk from my house up Route 123. Guess what they’ve set up in a classroom in the back? Public access Internet.

Dimly lit. Two or three kids hanging around. High speed connections. Open 11 in the morning until 9 at night, not bad.

It’s mostly PCs but they have a few dusty old iMacs lined up in front of a chalkboard. A couple of the iMacs seem to be running System 8 of all things, but I found one that has Panther installed on it. When the computer guy clicked on the screen and the dock came up with iMovie I was so happy I almost got a boner.

“Macs are way easier for working with video,” buddy explained.

“Word. How much does it cost for a session?”

“A dollar.”


So I’ve been hitchhiking all over Route 10 for the past week-and-a-half. It’s been wonderful and horrible. But more on that later.

My friend John will be picking me up and driving me to Halifax this weekend. I’m doing sound for the last burlesque show, and A/V will be performing a little set during intermission. I just need to figure out what to wear. Come out and say hello because god knows when I’ll be able to return to Hali.