Monthly Archives: June 2009


“It’s just a rock’n’roll show,” I said. “It’s not going to bring your family back from the dead.”

I just ate a bison steak in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Last night we slept on the floor of an Anglican church hall in Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina’s a nice town. I could live there, probably. I went for a stroll before our show at The Club, went to the library and a free art gallery. The streets were pretty quiet on a Monday evening. An Irish pub was playing The Notwist.

I walked through the Cancer Connections display in the Regina town square. I was thinking my problems right now are only financial in nature, for the most part. No one close to me has cancer at the moment. But inevitably it will happen. Maybe I’m existing right now in this curious window of time before a bunch of bad stuff happens.

At the show we rocked out really hard and everyone in the room was dancing.

And then this morning, I got a phone message.