I had a birthday. I opened for a thrash metal band. I locked my keys in my car again. I recorded the new A/V album. I watched the ice float away down the river.

Will these stories and more be lost forever, like tears in rain?

I got my computer fixed but it’s still broken. The logic board was bad. So they replaced it. With a bad logic board. So I’m still in technical limbo. My machine should be fit and working again by the middle of next week. I hope.

If I haven’t emailed you back it does not necessarily mean I am bored and annoyed with you. Thank you for your understanding.

A/V performs two shows in Halifax this Friday, March 31.

7pm at One World Cafe on Agricola Street w/Superfantastics, The Stance, Museum Pieces, Bad Motels. All ages welcome.

Late at night at The Attic on Grafton Street w/King Konqueror, On Vinyl, War Pony. This will be drunken mayhem and I can’t picture it starting much before 10:30 or 11pm.

P.S. “Fuck that noise” is my new favourite expression.


4 thoughts on “swordfight-fukthatnoise.mov

  1. i’m happy to learn that you have returned to civalization, albeit briefly. i’m sorry to say that i have just returned home from hell’s kitchen, despite best intentions to visit the attic. oh well. i’m sure it was lovely and wonderful and exciting, and all that an A/V show should be.
    kisses, (hard and deep, fast and furious, or however you’d like them to be), bijoux.

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