Yes siree, looks like we had a pretty good haul of merch this year. Lots of ripe new CDs and fresh new t-shirts, straight off the ol’ merch tree. You’re all invited to come and share in this bountiful harvest.

I’m going to try to hitch a ride all the way to San Francisco for Vloggercon. If you’re passing through why not help a fellow up the road a ways.

One way or another I’ll make it. California is a state of mind.

[7.5MB QuickTime]

music: download vloggercon.zip for garageband 2.0 (Mac OS X)

P.S. OK I’m being slightly metaphorical with this video. I’m not really planning on hitchhiking all the way across the continent to San Francisco. Unless “hitch a ride” is understood to mean “buy my shit so I can afford a plane ticket.” more info here

5 thoughts on “swordfight-vloggercon.mov

  1. seriously? that is a long journey, you’d better get started now. be safe!

    Have you ever been to San Francisco?

  2. The first five things Gary would do if he won the lottery:

    1. Pay for Philip’s trip to California
    2. Buy a Prophet 5
    3. Buy a MiniMoog
    4. Buy an ARP 2600
    5. Have one hell of a jam!!! :)

    Seriously Philip, I really hope you make it there.

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