The swordfight forum has a bold new look, in case you don’t get enough internet shit-talking in the course of an average day.

I’ve been teaching my grandmother how to use a computer. She wants to be able to take pictures of her great-grandkids and email them all around.

It’s funny how we take certain computer things for granted. A simple phrase like “double-click on the icon” that you or I wouldn’t think twice about. Meanwhile my grandmother is lifting the mouse up off the table, twisting and turning it around in the air trying to figure out how to make it go.

One thing I’m not going to teach her is how to use Google. Ha. My grandmother is Pentecostal and it probably wouldn’t do her health any good to learn that her grandson worships Satan.

We had a bit of a January thaw in Gaspereau Forks. Enough to shrink the snowbanks. I miss the snowbanks. I don’t have decent tires on my car and I’ve been whipping up and down country roads, slipping and sliding, 180s all over the place, and it’s reassuring when you know that all you’re going to run into is a nice soft fluffy snowbank.

Remind me not to dream and drive.

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  1. my grandmother called the mouse a “ouija” and the lessons improved once she thought of it that way. might not be an appropriate reference if you grandmother is Pentecostal, tho.

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