I’m coming to Halifax again this weekend. Playing the Pavilion on Friday evening. Here’s the gig:

You like that? Ones and zeroes? That’s what the inside of my brain is like. I just downloaded an mp3 called “Factions” by The Establishment and I love it. They’ve got that modern sound, but it’s not so math-y that it loses the groove, looses the grove, nahm sayin, it’s as they say “dope.”

I’m a little out of the Halifax loop so I’m not familiar with the two bands with the Choose Your Own Adventure names but I just hope I don’t wind up getting eaten by a shark on page 31.

I am declaring a moritorium on the word “interesting.” I’ve heard this word five times in the past two days. The word “interesting” has no meaning. It is a placeholder. You should say what you mean, and say it mean if you have to. People won’t hate you for it. You don’t hate me now, do you?

This afternoon I saw a beaver in my backyard so I started videotaping it through the window. I went outside for a closer look, and that’s when I saw the long skinny tail… Holy shit. That’s not a rat, is it? What is that thing? It’s huge. It looks like it could eat my cat.

[1.8MB QuickTime]

soundtrack: i’m dicking around with a flanger

2 thoughts on “swordfight-winterrodent.mov

  1. That my friend, is a muskrat.

    Used to be pretty important in the fur trade. Guess you won’t be cold this winter.

  2. i saw the picture, and thought (excitedly)”it is a chinchilla!”…but have learned through the previous posting of Mal, that i am sadly mistaken. however, “chinchilla” (forcing the tip of your tongue to touch the back of your top teeth and ending with an open mouth)is a much better word to say than “muskrat”(involves the usage of those weird muscles on the bow part of one’s upper-lip and some nostril flaring), so i don’t regret having thought so.

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