It’s Easter Monday. According to Christian tradition, today’s the day that Jesus came back from the dead.

That makes Christianity the original zombie movie. Jesus is the undead messiah. Tonight’s the night he shuffles out of the grave with his arms outstretched in front of him, in order to wander around for a while and do some miracles and eat some people’s brains.

ROMAN SOLDIER 1: He’s not here. He is risen.
ROMAN SOLDIER 2: Oh shit man, what are we gonna do now man, we’re in some pretty shit now. Game over man, game over.
ROMAN SOLDIER 1: Nails and spears alone won’t kill it. We’re going to have to… cut off its fucking head.

I love Easter because whenever someone asks me what I’m doing on the weekend, I get to say “Oh ya know, just hanging around.”

My laptop is back from the dead as well. Do you doubt me, unbelievers?

I wanted to post a video to say welcome back to the Internet. Only, I was too lazy to plug in my video camera. So I wound up animating a bunch of photos and doodling up some music in GarageBand.

The river has thawed out in completely in the few weeks since I took these pictures. It’s only mid-April and already I’m missing winter.

[2.5MB, get quicktime and firefox already]

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