2003 hasn’t been such a

2003 hasn’t been such a productive year for my various musical projects or anything. I work quite a bit and use up most of my spare time satisfying various basic drives.

Last night at about 9pm, I got home from the audio class I teach. I’d been looking forward to a couple hours of free time with a borrowed DV camera.

I got the camera all ready and thought, “So what should I record?” and then my brain went “blunk” and I couldn’t think of anything to videotape.

I’m starting to suspect that working too much is bad for my creativity. I wound up shooting a bunch of stop-motion animation of a rubber chicken crawling across the kitchen table. Then I fell asleep on the couch. Bok bok bok?

~ I have a screen name now, for those of you who use AIM or iChat. Send me a message because I’ve never used it before and don’t know what’s up. My screen name is philip9volt.