Here comes a week of

Here comes a week of parties for y’all.

Wednesday March 13: 9Volt Sound System performs live in Hell’s Kitchen. I’ll be dropping electro mad science on those retro dance retards. Never know what hit ’em. Starts around midnight or 1.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: I’m doing live sound, also in Hell. Twiddle knobs, drink vodka, and throw stuff at the bands. You party while I work, but my work is also a party.

Sunday March 17: been born one day sooner and i’d’a been a Patrick.

Monday March 18: It’s my birthday. Yes, I’m a Pisces you jokers. Party at the Khyber Club, with some DJs and live music I bet, and cake (well there better be cake). Monday night DJ Higs Boson… it’s his birthday too. Some come on out and watch me put away the Jager. Thirty was dirty, and thirty-one will be dirty fun.

Tuesday March 19: House show at the Bloomfield Compound. God save the Queen. Featured acts will include Mitch and the Motorhomes as well as a famous local rapper as well as a famous local arty hardcore band. Starts around 5 or so. If you don’t know where Bloomfield House is, you better axe somebody.