Gerry is correct. I did

Gerry is correct. I did walk this earth for 32 years without ever encountering the word “gunt.”

I will take a moment now to pause and reflect upon those innocent happy times.

For any old fogeys like me who don’t yet know the word “gunt,” you could probably find it in the Urban Dictionary. Be warned, however, as it is one of those words that occupies the grey area between “offensive” and “necessary.”

A new word is a new toy, and I can’t resist the urge to play with “gunt”:

-Have Gunt, Will Travel
-Annie Get Your Gunt
-All Quiet On The Western Gunt
-The Gunts Of Navarone
-The Man With The Golden Gunt [this last one doesn’t make sense. The male form of “gunt” is “gock.”]

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