ARRRRRR MATEYYYYYYY Claudette emailed me


Claudette emailed me and said “Let’s go on a road trip.” I wrote back and said “Let’s go go go go go.” So the next morning we headed down towards St. Margaret’s Bay with no real clue where we were going.

At one point we stopped to follow a trail into the woods. The trail wound around and around, deeper and deeper into the forest, before eventually emerging… back out on the highway.

We splashed around at a beach and had a nap on some rocks and I took many lovely photos of the rocky Atlantic shore.


On this day I was grateful that I don’t live on the Prairies.

I got to drive for a while. Claudette grabbed my video camera and started videotaping me in the rear view mirror and videotaping her foot out the passenger side window, and she videotaped her boob and then she tried to pull up my shirt and videotape my boob, and the Ramones are playing really loud and the whole time I’m going, “Will you sit down and put your seat belt on!”

Today is an important day for a couple of reasons. It’s my grandmother’s birthday–she’s 92. The whole reason I want to finally get my driver’s license is so I can drive to New Brunswick and visit her.

Yesterday in Victoria Park I saw a couple of seniors sitting on a park bench and I went and sat beside them. I love little old ladies, probably because I love my grandmother so much. I always flirt with them: “How are you lovely ladies doing today?”

I have no fear of aging–in fact, I’m kind of looking forward to being old. I’m going to be the terror of the nursing home.

Also, September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Considering took its name from one o’ me favourite swashbuckling activities, ’tis better than Christmas, ye scurvy dog!

Come see Spinoza at the Marquee tonight and raise a cup of grog, or I’ll keelhaul ye!

high fidelity flyer

Hoist the Jolly Roger!