~ The Marquee Club’s been

~ The Marquee Club‘s been dead this week. Where’s the love? Time passes much more quickly at work when there are people to watch.

I almost got in a fight leaving the club on Wednesday. Bigger than me, but drunk and slow. Fantasized: hit him hard, hit him fast, one chance to break his nose. I just turned my back on the guy and walked away. “Pretty fuckin’ smug, buddy,” he said.

I listened in case he decided to follow. Instead, I heard him trying to persuade his girlfriend to throw her hot dog at me. Puke and bloodstains on the sidewalk. Again I say… where’s the love?

~ Taking the night off tonight to go perform at a NASCAD dance. Drunk art school kids know how to party.

~ art star 2001 [4MB mp3]

~ Inadvertent Confession Department: I was complaining to Geoffrey about how quickly our house goes through toilet paper. “Somebody in this house must have a pretty clean bum,” I said. “And it isn’t me!”

~Ger has declared “I Hate Women Week.” Claudette just announced “I Hate Almost Everyone I Know Week.”

In an effort to balance out all this bile, here at Swordfight World HQ it is now officially “Where’s The Love Week.”

Here goes:

<3 "The Love" is when you've found the perfect temperature for washing dishes. Not too hot, not too cold. <3 "The Love" is a stuffed animal that's been thrown away and found again and put to novel use. <3 "The Love" is the tallest, blondest woman in the room, so obvious you don't even notice her. <3 "The Love" is when the cat comes along and tries to sit on the keyboard of your laptop when you're typing this blog entry. <3 "The Love" is all about having a clean bum. <3 "The Love" is finding a picture you took this summer of a beautiful lady and using it as the desktop image for your iBook, so you get all hot and bothered every time you turn on the computer. (Wanna see?)

<3 "The Love" is what I feel for all of you, deep down inside [my pants].

<3 “The Love” may be found somewhere over the rooftops of the North End. Feel free to suggest places where one might look for “The Love.”