At 7am I get on

At 7am I get on a bus and drive to New Brunswick. I’m going to Gaspereau Forks to visit my grandmother for a few days. Big white house in the middle of nowhere. Old grey barns falling down all over the place and the Salmon River running through the backyard. She’s 90 and has a few stories to tell.

This trip has been all I’ve been thinking about for the past two weeks. I’ve had a lot of fun this winter but there’s also been a lot of hard work and some bullshit as well. The country is a place to go to scrape the shit off your shoe. Kick through the last of the snow, walk in my boots down to the edge of the river.

I’m taking along a copy of 19 Knives, a copy of Paradise Lost, a blank notebook and a brand-new fountain pen. See you all later.