through the window sunshine tries

through the window
sunshine tries to
suck the poison
from my mood-wound

Bella Muse closed, Khyber’s closing, Marquee’s closing, and it’s just been announced that Reflections will be discontinuing their regular Thursday night live music series, or at least drastically scaling it back.

I don’t fucking care about the Halifax music apocalypse. I’m getting off the grid. I’m going to take my portable generator and perform gloom-and-doom electro beats in a parking garage to the accompaniment of minus 35 degree whistling winds.

Tonight however I will be hitting the aforementioned Reflections stage with Colour TV. We’re playing a free show with Death By Nostalgia. Colour TV will be starting at 11 or 11:30, I reckon. Did I mention it’s FREE.

Remember when the Reflections Thursday nights started, and everyone referred to it as “cool kids night.” You could listen to the Dean Malenkos at a gay bar and then dance to The Rapture with a bunch of drag queens.