family portrait

Here is a lovely portrait of Team Swordfight. Clockwise from lower left: Claudette, Gerry, me, Mark Black.

As of today there is a new baby in the Swordfight family. Last summer when the cops impounded the website, I went out and bought a new domain, Then I got back, and brokenglass has been sitting there unused ever since.

At one point I got some goofy-assed idea to start a webzine, but I’m not always too stoked about creative projects that rely on input from other people, as you may have guessed from the fact that I’m in three one-man bands.

So I have donated brokenglass to a friend of mine who shall be known only as “Blackfire.”

He emailed me on Friday and said, “Don’t tell anybody who it is just yet. Some of the writing’s going to be pretty dark, and I don’t want people coming up and asking me if I’ve been feeling all right.” Sounds good to me.

From time to time I get requests from people asking how to get their blog hosted on Swordfight. I started to make an FAQ that I could point these people to. I never bothered finishing it. I’m not opposed to adding new blogs to the roster, but we’re such a tight group right now and I think we’re all really enjoying it.

Anyway, what do you need Swordfight for, it’s easy to set up your own blogspot.

When you get a blog do these things:
– Update a lot unless your life is too fucking exciting, like mine
– Ease up on those surveys and quizillas
– Tell stories
– Make sure it looks good on a Mac because that’s what the cool people use
– Be funny, if you can
– Computer screens are hard to look at. Lots of short paragraphs give our eyes a chance to rest.
– Use black text on a white background unless Satan tells you otherwise
– Concrete details.
– “Grrr, I wrote a big long post and Blogger ate it,” oh gee thanks for telling me.
– Good stuff to write about: booze, sex, drugs, violence, rioting, stealing, lying, cheating, partying, puking, death, murder, suicide, abortion, insanity, arson, satanism, nudity, nearly drowning, rock’n’roll, hot people, dumb people, dumb cops, dumb security guards, bloodstains, speed kills, fast cars, cheap thrills.
– Don’t write lots of abstract stuff about your “feelings” unless you have an EmoJournal.

14 thoughts on “family portrait

  1. Holy Hitler…Fuck you and your satan stipulations…Don’t tell me what to, or how to write..

    Freedom of the press you hypocritical son of a bitch bastard…I just felt like Hunter S. there for a second…*Eh Hem*

    I feel therefore I am…Say what you want..I hate Cliques…

    Bite Me….

  2. If I’m Hitler then who’s Rudolf Hess? I want a faithful personal secretary so that I can sit back and dictate my blog.

    Ha, get it… I said “dictate.”

  3. How about a long, heartfelt essay arguing that people who use the word “gay” as an insult should stop being so retarded, and people who use the word “retarded” as an insult should stop being so gay.

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