Here we have a couple people posing with “Bubbles” from the hit local TV series Trailer Park Boys.

Notice how the guy with the weird mouth is totally poking Bubbles in the stomach, like “Bubbles! You da MAN!”

Actually all three of those people sort of have weird mouths.

In the following photo, judging purely by appearances, I would guess that at least one and possibly nine of these people are currently attending classes at Dalhousie University:

Halifax is a small town, and chances are someone who reads this blog knows someone in this picture. If that’s the case, you should tell them that some guy found their disposable camera at the Marquee and got the photos developed.

Please invite them to email me to get their photos back, before I post them all on the web for my friends to make fun of or else start photoshopping people’s heads onto gay porn stars.

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  1. Hey Phil, it’s cool you already haven’t photoshopped those guys onto Gay porn. Shows real class…but if they don’t claim them, you should totally do it!!

  2. Naw….that’s a dude…in the bubbles pic, you can see the stubble…heh…stubble, bubble…but he does make a convince fem….

  3. whoa…all those blonde girls look exactly alike. People should quit bleaching their hair. It looks cheap. although I bet they get a lot of action.

  4. …and what’s the deal with all those super plucked eyebrows? And those vacant eyes.

    I bet the girl with the puffy vest goes to King’s…

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