snow day

I’m supposed to be teaching at the Community College today. I just found out school’s been cancelled because of the storm. I’m going back to bed.

Even though it’s an inconvenience that I can’t go give this seminar today, I can’t help but feel a little thrill at the prospect of a snow day. My childhood aversion to getting up and going to school is as strong as it ever was. That’s probably the main reason why I never chose teaching as a profession.

Drop me a line if you’d like to come over later on, like around 2 in the afternoon, and drink peppermint tea and watch a bunch of movies.

I just looked out my bedroom window and saw a bunch of gnomes building snow forts out there in the back yard. Evil gnomes, they are, who don’t realize the Cold War is over. They’re lugging around a suitcase with a nuclear device in it. They hate Ronald Reagan.

I’m going to wave a white flag of truce in my window. My flag has a picture of a cup of hot chocolate on it. If they refuse my truce offer, then I suppose I shall have to bake myself a gnome pie.