country update

I’ll get back into writing in a couple days but for now a few quick items–

~ I’ve been kicked out of the rock band, Air Traffic Control. “Kicked out” is a little too strong, because it implies animosity where there is none. It has more to do with the logistical problems caused by my move to another province. I had fun playing with the guys, I hope I didn’t embarrass them too much with my no-compromise rock’n’roll attitude. They’re great fellows and I wish them all the success in the world.

~ Meanwhile, A/V keeps chugging along and I will be preaching the gospel of new wave to the citizens of Saint John this Friday, May 13. It’s a birthday party for and as per usge I’ll probably spend a good portion of my set jumping on top of people and making out with them. (I should thank Claudette for the word “usge”)

~ Salmon River flooding reached its highest point in over ten years. Higher water drives the animals to seek higher ground. For example, the middle of the highway. It’s been a messy month of May.

~ Party in the country: weekend of May 20. Fill a couple carloads and head on out. Email me for directions. Somebody stop at Young’s Cove and pick up some fireworks. Bring a friend, there’s lots of room. I got six closets full of clothes upstairs so you can dress up when you get here.

~ Does anyone know who took this photo? Robin’s mother would like to know. Email me if you can help, philip[at]swordfight[dot]org.

6 thoughts on “country update

  1. I may have a full carload, but i may have a spot or two, nobody besides Mark and I are concrete yet, but there’s lots of interest. I am playing on the 20th, so the plan is to head up on the 21st, returning on the 22nd or maybe the 23rd, depending on the schedules.


  2. Also Philip, I am making you some cds with music as per your request. Would you like a couple of audio cds with 80 minutes worth of music each on them, or a couple of data cds with a shitload of minutes worth of music on each?

  3. I wish I could come.

    Maybe Robin took the picture herself in a mirror? Her arm is up.

    I miss you. I love you.

  4. i was just wondering where you got a picture of my snow white and the seven dwarfs. i would like you to remove the picture and i feel you should ask people if you want to take pictures of their property. thank you

  5. I’m not removing anything based on a single anonymous comment.

    Anyway, assuming you are legit–if you don’t want people to see your stuff, why is it sitting out in your yard?

    The photo was meant as a compliment. As in, “nice work with the skidoo helmet.”

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