ic cream king

~ I rode my bike into the village this evening to check out the new hot spot on Bridge Street known as “IC CREAM KING.” I had a cone of butter pecan that made me feel like I was floating high above the river. Yeah, I get the feeling I’ll be hitting Ic Cream King pretty hard this summer.

~ This evening I also went for a walk through the forest, as is my habit. I came around a bend in the trail and a fox was standing there looking at me.

I froze.

I stared at the fox.

The fox stared at me.

I tried to think. Are foxes dangerous? I mean, I guess one could bite you and give you rabies. But are they aggressive?

I had heard somewhere that if you look a strange canine straight in the eye, it will take it as a challenge to its authority and get all agitated. But I couldn’t exactly bring myself to take my eyes off a wild animal.

The fox and I both stood perfectly still. It was a stalemate for a few moments.

Then I got to checking the fox out. You know, I could probably take this fox. It’s really not very big. Look at the slender little legs on it. If this fox decides to charge me, I could probably boot it right into next week.

The fox must have sensed a subtle shift in my disposition, because it turned around and flipped its big ridiculous tail at me and disappeared into the woods.

My goal this summer is to get a really good closeup picture of a fox. And also, a hummingbird.

9 thoughts on “ic cream king

  1. Is this just a huge euphemism? Foxes are so fucking cool. More animals should be that sly. I’m looking at you, coyotes.

  2. I fell asleep one summer night long ago on the mossy rocks at the Louisburg lighthouse in Cape Breton and woke up to find 3 little baby foxes sniffing around my head. One had it’s baby version of the big ridiculous tail right across my neck. I stayed in the same positioin so they wouldn’t run away. They thought I was a warm rock with a heartbeat.

  3. I think I heard that foxes are feline not canine. The failure of your eye contact theory encourges my thought.

    Perhaps this will help you strategize your photo hunt.

  4. It’s true. It is argued that foxes are in fact more cloesly related to felines than canines.

  5. Based on the science of paw prints.. foxes are clearly canine. Specifically: The lack of a third lobe on the hind edge of the hell pad. … Although it is visible in some dog tracks, the third lobe is located higher, not aligned with the other two as it is in cats.


  6. Thanks for the link, that was a great article. I was curious about the whole fox-feline connection but all I found in my googling was that paw-print site.

    And the fox I saw did have its ears back and its tail down–denoting uncertainty.

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