I’m hanging out at 5816 North in Halifax. It is Halloween. What’s going on tonight? Well these cats are really into bowling. Of all things! I haven’t bowled since I was 11. Maybe later I’ll check out some hiphop at the Khyber and some kind of rock’n’roll open mic at Reflections.

I just ate at Bach’s Cafe, where I love the food and feed on the love.

Saw a car accident last night in the intersection right outside this house. The experience of a car accident can be summed up in that single sound: BOOOF. When I was in high school I read a novel called Crash by J. G. Ballard. It revolved around eroticizing the car accident. That shit’s bullshit. There’s nothing erotic about car accidents. Unless you’re all about walking up to total strangers, ramming your dick into them once really hard and then pulling it out and yelling at them.

Save me some candy, suckers.

5 thoughts on “hali-ween

  1. I heard that accident!!

    I was in bed with a girlfriend who lives on the corner of Willow and Robie. Does that make sense to where you saw the accident?

    We both just said ‘OUCH’ when we heard the tires jamming and the cars slamming into one another… Then we cuddled extra close and kissed each other glad that we were not involved in that awful event.

    So, it can bring two people closer together & I swear it must have been that same accident! It was Halloween night…

    No Bullshit! Totally Awesome!

  2. Whoa .. you dreamt of accidents then witnessed one. Freaky Deaky.

    Know what else is freaky? I just stumbled upon your blog and I just happen to live on North St toooooo.


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