mirror mirror

Hey, here are the raw WAV files for a track by the 9Volt Sound System. Beats, basslines, samples and synthy noodliness. I’d love it if you would download the zip file and do a remix of this track and send it to me. Maybe I’ll make a video out of it.

If you’ve never cut up audio tracks before, here’s a free open-source sound editor for Windows, Mac, Linux:

I’ve included a readme file in the zip that explains everything in more detail. Here ya go…
https://swordfight.org/downloads/9volt-mirrormirror.zip [2.85MB]

Happy remixing…

2 thoughts on “mirror mirror

  1. can you provide some expert advice? I want to rip some LPs into mp3. Last year I did about 30 albums using Adobe Audition. It was great fun editing each pop and click individually. I used the built in tool to do most, but it was only a partial solution. Well the free license was only good for 30 days and not I want to do more albums and dont want to pay the 6-700 for Audition. I have also tried GoldWave. Is there any freeware you recommend to rip and edit pops and clicks, even out the dynamic range and save them as mp3? Audition was nice because it also let me record one whole side of the album and then break i down into individual files.
    Thanks and Merry Merry and Happy Happy.

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