all… bets… are… off

I am pleased to announce that Friday, January 6 is National Take Up Two Spaces When You Park Day. It’s an attempt to destabilize the world’s economy.

Tomorrow is also the big new-wave show in Fredericton. A/V, Gary Flanagan, The Trick.

Dance party. Pants under skirt. Poncho on a poodle. And so on.

I bought a few CDs during the week after Xmas. I bought New Order, Elastica, Skinny Puppy. Sweet Jesus, don’t I like any music from the 21st century…? I bought Out Hud.

I was in Halifax on the weekend and holy moly, beard-mania has swept over that city. I was out with a lady friend and we were just looking around in awe at the sea of hairy faces. She said, “I don’t know what’s going on anymore.”

Fellas. I gotta say it. New year. Fresh start. Clean shave, and all that. I’m telling ya, it’s for your own good. Nothing says “Let’s just be friends” like a guy with a beard. You’re busy looking at her with evil intent and she’s thinking “You want to do what? You remind me of my uncle.”

On the topic of facial hair… women at the Marquee Club continue to rip the shit out of their eyebrows. Nothing wrong with a little grooming but it gets bad when you can see the little white bald patches. Although that permanent supercilious expression can be inadvertently entertaining:

On the topic of shaved heads are hot… Hold on, let’s just savour that topic for a moment.

OK. Can anyone identify this androgynous scene-stealer for me?

She isn’t even listed in the credits. She’s too sassy for that. “All… bets… are… OFF.”

And finally, on the topic of omg BONERZZzzz:

So now I’m back in the country. I have heat but no water. Pump’s broken. All right. Water’s overrated anyway. There’s a broken-down outhouse behind the broken-down shed. It’s a two-holer. Apparently folks were more sociable back in the day.

5 thoughts on “all… bets… are… off

  1. Ahaha. Women keep telling me NOT to shave the beard. WTF? I do think I will trim it this evening though. The neck part is getting out of hand. But I’m totally not shaving it off till spring.

    That sort of looks like a super-emaciated Jaimie Lee Curtis. I’m not sure if I’ve ever listened to Out Hud, but holy meow.

    I’m glad I got to run into you while you were in town. I was bummed about missing yr Friday show, so it was a really nice surprise to cross paths with you New Year’s Eve. I’m not entirely sure why, ’cause nothing crazy out-of-the-ordinary happened, but that was the most fun I’ve had on New Year’s in ages.

    I’m gonna have to try the Korean menu at Bach’s one of these days. I’ve only ever had breakfast there.

    Here’s to a new year!

  2. mostly beards are bad but a little scruff can be sexy if its past the itchy stage. otherwise they give me a rash.

    the scene-stealer looks like my trans-gengered prof- F to M. and he/she is very sexy.

    are you sure your pipes aren’t just frozen?

  3. Precious few can pull off beards. Precious few.

    I miss the country.

    Enjoy the outhouse-for-two.

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