My car is in bad shape. Expensive shape. The frame is rusted away where the track arm attaches the wheel to the body. I’ll need a welding job. Soonest I can get it done is Wednesday.

So I’m stranded in Halifax, with no choice but to spend time with my friends and eat good food. Could be worse. I’m grateful to the lovely folks at Willow Street for letting me set up a little homebase here.

Tonight I’m going down to Reflections. A/V is going to perform at this “rockin’ for dollars” open mic thing in the hopes of spinning the magic wheel and winning cash for a car repair so I can blast off outta here.

Went for Robie Foods the other night, my favourite Chinese restaurant. Present were Mike and Francesca Willow, Jim North Street, Paul & Greg Sharp Like Knives, Mark Swordfight and Stephanie Stolen Mink. I called you but they told me you weren’t home.
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