merciful release

They let me out yesterday.

First thing I did was call up my honey. I said, “Hi honey, it’s me… Guess what, I’m a free man.”

She said, “You are dead to me. Don’t you dare come near me or my children. If I so much as see your face around here, you are a fucking dead man.”

Next thing I did was go over to Regan’s and have a nice, long, hot bath.

I bought new pants today, a pair of grey cords from Value Village. Tonight I think I’m going to go down to Bugaboo Creek and get as shitfaced as possible.

3 thoughts on “merciful release

  1. oh philip. you think that you want to get drunk. you think that this is something that you want to accomplish.

    but then later that night and the next morning you’ll keep repeating the same stories because you have no idea what you’ve been doing. and you’ll completely forget most of the things that you have been doing any way.

    although you assume that you enjoyed them all the same.

  2. hiya philip

    if giants were still roaming the earth they would want me to tell you to come to fredericton on friday! it’s my birthday and it’s in new brunswick!
    epworth cd release. yesssss.

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