a/v @ reflections tonite

Tonight A/V will be performing at Reflections in downtown Halifax with very special guest: Hoju. This show will start around 10:30 and is supposed to wind up by 12:30 after which Reflections will turn into a gay dance bar until 3:30AM but I hope you will be so drunk dancing to A/V that you will barely notice the transition.

I am going to attempt to get drunk tonight. I’m going to set up my gear early, and drive my car away and drop it off, and walk back, and pick up all my stuff tomorrow, when I will be in severe hangover pain, and will swear not to drink again for another two years. Every now and then you have to do this in order to remind yourself of why you never do it. I keep trying to get drunk but after a couple drinks I just sort of forget I’m supposed to be drinking. To all my alcoholic friends, please help keep me on the low road to depravity.

Tomorrow I will be performing live house music for your dancing pleasure at some party in the North End that’s so exclusive, I don’t even know where it is.

2 thoughts on “a/v @ reflections tonite

  1. you should save your getting-drunkness for tomorrow night. that way i could monitor your progress. some might say that i’m quite proficient at the getting drunk.

    alas, this message might be too late…

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