The Get Down

saint john, new brunswick… consider yourself warned

Augusta, Georgia, late September
One Mr. Brown’s hot tempered
This man’s possessed, he’s restless
He’s armed and dangerous, drugged and reckless

Mrs. Brown you’ve got a lovely son
But he’s on the run on a shotgun mission
“Listen here cocksuckers, motherfuckers, pay respect to my building.
It’s JB property and it could be the one you get killed in.”

james brown is dead but the hawk is just gettin warmed up

and so is dan jones-eyes

and 9volt sound system aka zulu philly and the discotronic force- a funky cross between mstrkrft and skinny puppy and a robot with a tr-707 for a brain who has listened to nothing but new order’s “technique” for the last 19 years and if you spend 1 hour dancing to this, you won’t have to take any of your antidepressants for an entire week

the get down, so sexy, it makes your tits pop out of a tube top as you run down the aisle on price is right

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all this is warmup for NEW YEARS EVE in HALIFAX: dec. 31 2006: 9volt sound system and a/v danceparty at the ONE WORLD CAFE.

wear those pants. the ones that make your ass look so good.

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