I went a couple days

I went a couple days without writing because my boss’s hard drive blew up. Boom! Lord knows there’s been enough to write about.

Some of our corporate clients have interesting reactions when we tell them the studio is down on Gottingen Street. I was leaving the Marquee after work at around 3am the other night, and as I approached the studio I could see that police cars had sealed off the entire neighbourhood.

Turns out a cop got shot a couple blocks from here. Things have been tense with the cops around here lately. I read in the paper that police have been summoned to the ‘hood 109 times in the first six months of this year on weapons-related incidents. Things were bad enough before 500 riot cops beat the snot out of thirty or forty kids last week.

Last week on Gottingen I saw two police officers go up to a guy on the sidewalk and make him empty his bag. They checked it out and then sent him on his way. I don’t know the story, but it seemed pretty random to me. While they were pestering the guy an old woman drove by in her car and shook her fist at the cops. It all seems like the kind of thing you might associate with some big American city, not Halifax.

A couple times lately I’ve had police cars pull up to me on Maynard Street at 3 or 4am. Not to hassle me, but to ask me if I’m all right. Awfully nice of the cops to do that. But then again, I’m white.

Here are a few shots from A/V’s live show on the weekend. My pants kept falling down at the show but you’ll have to send in some money to see those pics.