swordfight podcast #002

Swordfight Dot Org Parlour Party Podcast number two. In which I play records and talk a bunch of shit.

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There are lots of awesome songs in this world, but there are relatively few songs that actually contain the word “awesome.” That’s why I love Muscles.

Tracklist, June 26 2008:
Magazine – Rhythm of Cruelty
John Cooper Clarke – Daily Express
Joy Division – At A Later Date
New Order – 5.8.6
Muscles – Sweaty
Goose – British Mode
Wire – Second Length (Our Swimmer)
The Wonder Stuff – Red Berry Joy Town
The Icicle Works – Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream)
Ruts – Savage Circle
Verbal Assault – Trial
Uranus – Believer
The Fall – Theme From Sparta F.C.

Errata. I said I thought Goose might be from The Netherlands. The band is from Belgium. Also, Ruts changed their name to Ruts DC after the singer died of a heroin overdose. I don’t have Internet in the parlour so I can’t look this shit up… Thank you Wikipedia.

Oh, the guitarist for Ruts died of cancer last fall, RIP.