Uncle Philly’s French Onion Soup Recipe

~ Uncle Philly’s French Onion Soup!

OK, get ready people because this is the real deal.

1. Cut up a couple onions and fry them in the frying pan.

2. Make some beef-flavoured Mr. Noodles.

3. Make two pieces of toast. Cut the toast into 32 pieces, using exactly six cuts with a knife.

4. Put the onions and the 32 croutons into the Mr. Noodles.

5. Grate some cheddar cheese on top.

Eat the french onion soup straight out of the pot. No man, it’s cool. That’s how you’re supposed to do it.

2 thoughts on “Uncle Philly’s French Onion Soup Recipe

  1. Request for video series: Cooking with Uncle Philly

    In which Uncle Philly kills and eats local varmints with an air rifle, angrily chops pieces of toast, and heats up ramen noodles, all while screaming and dancing, with an A/V soundtrack.

  2. this is not in any way related to your haute-cuisine recipe, but i noticed on the a/v site that you’re heading to corner brook for the ECMAs. I was thinking that since I’m stuck on the other coast, too poor to turn down a show booked in st.john’s, that you should just keep traveling across the island and do a show here. st.john’s luuuvs A/V.

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