i ain’t scared of jail.


Last night in Regina was our last show with Rah Rah on this tour. In the past few weeks I have run the entire range of human emotions but the one constant in life has been my enjoyment of watching Rah Rah every night. I love them. I threw a giant inflatable shark into the audience and we all fired off confetti guns at once.

After the show we went to a dance club where the DJ played songs off iTunes complete with 2-second pause between tracks. Hey guy, there’s actually a crossfade option in there somewhere. He did play Yelle and the Black Ghosts and I lost my shit for a while but then everything downshifted abruptly to Outkast or something.

Sometime in the next couple years I’m going to put all my stuff in the car and drive to Regina Saskatchewan and live there for a while. Seriously. I do like the town that much. Perhaps I can make a living as an electro DJ.

All the members of Sleepless Nights were sober on this night of farewell and bittersweet celebration because we are all broke. Marshall from Rah Rah was right loadered and it was pretty entertaining. I think somebody wound up peeing on the pizza place. A girl in there was in tears and it made me realize how fortunate I am to have embraced the single life. These two other girls made fun of her dramatics and then got on their bikes and pedalled in somewhat wobbly fashion all up and down the street.

Meanwhile here we are in Winnipeg at 4am. I’m awake but I’m too tired to do anything interesting or productive so I’m watching Breaking Bad on my macbook with the sound turned way down. I’m staying up all night so I can sleep in the van all day and then take over for the night drive. Soon we are going to leave to drive 24 straight hours from Winnipeg to Toronto because we are idiots.

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  1. I love the mask, and I fully support the idea of moving across the country with some items crammed into a car, but be sure it has good brakes! I think that I will find myself doing that very soon,moving, but probably not as far as regina. The excitement of moving, new experiences, and furry bandit masks should make a le broke philip more of a le happy philip!

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