Beautiful sunny day, wha’? I

Beautiful sunny day, wha’?

I just got back from playing Lunenburg. Arrrr! A town with a rich marine heritage. Arrrr! I played in a tent at an outdoor vendor’s festival. Arrrrrrr matey! I got a noise complaint before I even started my set. Avast! The audience consisted of ten-year-old boys selling fudge, and their moms. Arrrrrrr! Safe to say I got killed. Arr.

Also performing: The Dean Malenkos. Changed all their rude lyrics to accomodate the age bracket. Hilarious results. Slitch played too. Halifax crust punk, gave everyone a headache, including themselves. It was great. The opening band was a local outfit called “Blackened Dreams.” Classic small-town metal band. During my entire set, their guitar player sat in the corner and scowled and drew satanic tattoos on his arm with a black marker.

I jumped off the stage and rolled around and got grass stains.

Just dropped off my gear at the Marquee for tonight’s show. Looks like VHS Or Beta have already loaded in. I was mighty impressed with their big pile of gear. Couple of cool-looking synths, including a Juno 106… just like one that I play in A/V. I’m getting really excited about the show tonight.