A\V played a show last night in Springhill, Nova Scotia, birthplace of Anne Murray and home of the Springhill Mining Disaster.

The venue, the Lamp Cabin, had a sandy beach volleyball court laid out all nice in the backyard. Spring Break 2009!

My first time in Springhill reminded me of my first time visiting El Paso, Texas. It was the summer of 1927.

There were seven roads leading into El Paso guarded seven days a week by seven deadly snakes, each of which represented one of the seven deadly sins.

Pride. Envy. Sloth. Gluttony… Lust… Avarice. And uhh… Wrath.

The only actual way to gain entrance into El Paso was to pass through the gate guarded by the snake of Sloth. Because as you entered the city, Sloth would look at you and think… ehhh, I’ll just bite you next time. I’ll get around to it.

The locals knew this. El Paso residents would all come and go by way of the road guarded by Sloth. But I was not a local. I was a stranger, coming to El Paso Texas for the first time, during the dusty drought and the boil order of the hot summer of 1927.

And so it came to pass that I was bitten by the Snake of Lust.

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  1. Ahh, this is great. Reminds me of Sting’s song, “Love Is Stronger Than Justice”, on the album “Ten Summoner’s Tales.” It has that same sun-baked, country-ish, Mexican feel to it.

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