Short grey days. I get

Short grey days. I get up at 3PM feeling like an old man.

No matter. There’s work to be done. In the past two days, I’ve written enough music for thirteen new Spinoza songs; I’ll probably narrow it down to seven or so. (A message to bands who put out 78-minute CDs: no one listens to more than fifteen minutes of it.) This is the most fun I’ve had writing music all year. It’s a totally new style for me.

I’m going to arrange the riffs tomorrow, write lyrics all weekend, record it all on Monday, mix it on Tuesday, tweak it on Wednesday, and Thursday night is the CD release party. Yup. Ya gotta keep it fresh.

One year ago I started a website called I quickly realized I was over my head as far as trying to design a working website is concerned. The project fizzled out.

The site is scheduled to expire in a couple of weeks. If anyone would like to take over halifaxstories, please get in touch; I still think it’s a good idea, even though I’m not the one to put it into practice. I’d be willing to contribute to the costs of hosting it (and write some stories, for that matter). Otherwise we’ll chalk it up to another great idea that went nowhere.

That’s probably what it will say on my gravestone: “Another great idea that went nowhere.”