Kaico Green couldn’t make it

Kaico Green couldn’t make it to soundcheck because their car broke down. So now I have this weird little pocket of free time on a Friday evening.

I’m just sitting in the studio with the boss’s DV camera, experimenting with audio and video feedback.

~feedback.mov[1.7 MB QuickTime]

I was going to give this portion of the website an arty new design for 2003, but I haven’t had the time. Still planning on buying a digital camera though and leaning more heavily on sound and picture.

If you want words, you can join the Pirate Club, which is the swordfight.org interactive mailing list.

If you join the Pirate Club you can get a free 1″ button while supplies last. There are three designs: A/V logo, swordfight jolly roger, and hot action ~~

Still have A/V t-shirts as well (as modelled by the fabulous miss b). Write me if you want one of those.

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