Here is an advertisement for the Dodge K-Car station wagon. Closed track, professional driver, do not attempt.


My friend was killed by a drunk driver. What’s so funny about drunk driving? What’s so fucking funny? –Nothing. Except the fact that it’s hilarious, why do you think people do it?

~ After everyone got down jumping in and out of cars and whatnot on the weekend, I managed to leave my sunroof open all night in a heavy rainstorm.

The cassette holder in my car is right below said sunroof, and the next day it was half-full of rain water. I was plucking cassettes out with my thumb and forefinger and pouring water out of the plastic tape housings.

The Best Of Frank Sinatra, New Order Technique, Bad Brains first tape on ROIR, Descendents/All mixtape, Jesus & Mary Chain, Assfactor 4/Clikatat Ikatowi, The Clash.

I had resigned myself to driving in silence for a while.

Yesterday I pressed power on the car stereo. The radio came on and a cassette slid out. Burning Ambitions: A History Of Punk. Ha, take that Mr. Rainstorm.

Good compilation. It even has The Business on it, only not doing this song.

5 thoughts on “k-car

  1. Philip maybe I could make you some punk rock tapes. What did you lose? What did you want?

  2. Ah… I remember another K-Car wagon…. with a sheet metal coffin welded to the roof…..

    oh yeah, and you got to calibrate that shit, people.

  3. awww, Bad Brains on ROIR?! that’s vintage, man! too bad. i used to have that very same tape back in 1990 … it was red. perhaps you even acquired it from me? but then again… everyone had red ROIR tapes, back then… krikey, what was that other one that we all bought – “punk songs from around the world” or some such thing? memory fails…

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