James and I are currently working on some new tracks and I’ve got the webcam all up on our science.

We are the artist formerly known as “Rotator.” After releasing a couple of CDs under this name, we’ve decided to change it. There’s another electronic duo with the same name (download dot com slash rotator) and we don’t want to be confused with them. They have a track called “Banjo Up Yer Arse.”

Feel free to shout out suggestions for a new name (no puns please).

I’ve got the MSN turned on, if you say hello we’ll wander over every now and then and type a few words.

And then tonight we’re driving down to Saint John we’re I’ll be DJing at The Get Down. I’m bringing lots of dope tracks, it’s free so come on out!

get down

2 thoughts on “jammin’

  1. No puns? Dammit, and I was so sure you guys would love to call yourselves “Pubic Spaces”. You two both need to re-embrace your love of puns. Whatever happened to Philip “At Your Cervix” Clark? And what of James “To many bad puns to pick just one” Covey? You guys have changed. I guess you won’t be calling your next album “Doppelgangbanger” either then?

    I would recommend any kind of reference (obscure or otherwise) to either an Isaac Asimov or Philip K. Dick science fiction story. That shit would sell product. “Positronic” has a nice ring to it, as does “Autofac”.


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