16 thoughts on “swordfight-iseesaidtheblindman.mov

  1. For some reason I couldn’t see the video. I heard the sound. No vid in Firefox or Internet explorer.
    Explorer said something about MIME types owned by another application and I allowed IE to re-take possession of the MIME types. still no video
    Firefox I only heard sound. Quicktime plugin 6.5.1

  2. I’ve started encoding my videos with the snazzy H.264 codec, which looks way better while producing a smaller file size.

    Click on the words “QuickTime” under the video image–you’ll need to head on over and get yourself fixed up with a copy of QuickTime 7.

    Let me know if you’re still having problems after upgrading.

    P.S. stick with FireFox for fast-starting, smooth-playing internet video !

  3. The things I do for you. I downloaded Quicktime 7 and it installed …. iTunes? sheeeeesh. But at least I can still watch your movies.

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