Day 13 – Kootenay Bay

I’ve been hanging out in Vancouver all week and I miss being on the road. Heading to Kamloops on Saturday with Mr. The Kettle Black.

Here’s a video from Day 13 of the tour with the Crimson Tides. Those boys are probably halfway back across the country by now and I hope they’re doing well.

The chronology is a little messed up but this is a simple video that didn’t need much editing and I wanted to upload it now because who knows what internet access I’ll have in the next couple days. The story is, we drove from Regina to Calgary only to find there was no show for us and no sure place to sleep. We voted to keep driving and head to Nelson, BC. I took the wheel and piloted us through the Rocky Mountains on a foggy rainy night.

Supposedly a drive through the Rockies offers some of the most dramatic sightseeing in the country but we didn’t see shit. Bowes was in the passenger seat watching for deer, which we saw roughly every fifteen minutes. I ate some Mars bars and drank a bunch of Full Throttle and kept my eyes glued to the road all night. It was low-visibility, bad weather on a wildlife-clogged twisty mountain road and I would say that was some of the most challenging driving I’ve ever done in my life. Crow’s Nest Pass. At times we were barely aware of some dark shapes that must have been mountains on the horizon of the night.

I vowed that if I yawned once I would give up the wheel but my eyelids did not grow heavy until we ran out of road. Google Maps misled us and we wound up at a ferry crossing instead of on the main road to Nelson. The road just ended. Ferries sink in BC, don’t they?

I didn’t see any of the ferry ride. I lay down on one of the back seats of the van and conked out. At one point Dave said “Lookathat, the surface of the lake is like a mirror! Hey A/V, you’ve gotta shoot some footage of this,” whereupon I apparently cracked one eye open and said: “Fuck the lake.”

Astute Observation Dept.: “I’m tall, but that shit’s fuckin huge.”

You can check out some tour pictures on this Facebook photo album. Don’t even think of adding me if we’ve never hung out in real life, you creepy bastards, that’s what MySpace is for.

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